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The LKC Breeder Referral line is only for information on AKC recognized breeds. Requests for ‘designer’ or other mixed breeds cannot be replied to as they are not recognized. If you have any question on your breed’s standing please use this link to the AKC.


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Celtic Classic Dog Shows = March 16 - 20, 2022

A five-day cluster of great dog shows, all in one great place!


On-site Veterinarian all five days / Beautiful Buildings / Free Indoor Electric / Free Parking / Low Entry Fee / No Extra Admission Fees / Low RV Fee


Health Clinics .
CERF exams

OFA Eye and Cardio exams

Baer Testing



Information on Health Clinics at The Celtic Classic website is available here.

OFA certification forms can be downloaded here


Rau Dog Shows


The Celtic Classic is a joint venture of the Lancaster Kennel Club, the York Kennel Club and the Delaware County Kennel Club. It is held in the Utz Arena of the York Expo Grounds.


More details about this event can be found on the Celtic Classic Dog Shows website


This year, the Show is scheduled for March 16 - 20, 2022 Click here for directions to the show


Celtic Classic Dog Shows



This is a must-attend event for the whole family. Experience the thrill of competition as over 9,000 dogs compete for the top dog position of Best In Show!!