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The LKC Breeder Referral line is only for information on AKC recognized breeds. Requests for ‘designer’ or other mixed breeds cannot be replied to as they are not recognized. If you have any question on your breed’s standing please use this link to the AKC.


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Directions to the York Expo Center


From the South:
Take I-83 North to Exit 15 (Old Exit #5) (S. George St. Business 83) Turn left at the second traffic light (Country Club Rd) Follow Country Club Rd. to Richland Ave. Turn right on Richland to Market St. Turn left on Market to the  Expo Center.


From the North:
Take I-83 to Exit 22 (Old Exit #10) (N. George St.) At second traffic light, take Rt 30 West to the Carlisle Ave Exit. Turn left on Carlisle Ave. (Rt #74) to Expo Center.


From the East:
Take Rt 30 West to Carlisle Ave. Exit turn left on Carlisle Ave.(Rt#74) to Expo Center.


From the West:
Take Route 462 (W. Market St.) from Rt 30. Follow Market St. to Highland Ave. Turn left on Highland Ave. to Expo Center.


From the Northwest:
Take Rt#74 (Carlisle Ave) directly to Expo Center.


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