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The LKC Breeder Referral line is only for information on AKC recognized breeds. Requests for ‘designer’ or other mixed breeds cannot be replied to as they are not recognized. If you have any question on your breed’s standing please use this link to the AKC.


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About pure-bred dogs


The American Kennel Club has published a Complete Breed List of over 150 different dog breeds recognized by the AKC. Each breed is categorized into one of the following eight groups. Through these AKC links you can review comments on the disposition of each breed, which are quite helpful if you are considering adding a dog to your family.


Read the "Breed Standard" to learn about the general appearance, acceptable coat colors, and temperament of your breed. You can even see pictures and a video of each pure-bred dog.


In addition to providing information about all pure-bred dogs AKC provides a wealth of information about the various dog events around the nation. Just about any question you have concerning pure-bred dogs can be answered by digging into the AKC web site!