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The LKC Breeder Referral line is only for information on AKC recognized breeds. Requests for ‘designer’ or other mixed breeds cannot be replied to as they are not recognized. If you have any question on your breed’s standing please use this link to the AKC.


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Dog Show etiquette for spectators



In order to make your visit more enjoyable for you and the exhibitors, we offer the following guidelines.


  • Always ask before you pet a dog. The exhibitors have spent a lot of time and energy grooming their dogs for the show, so never go up and just pet a dog - ask first.

  • Do not approach exhibitors before they are done showing. If you want to talk with an exhibitor, always wait until they are all done showing their dog - then they will have time to talk with you. Prior to showing, they are focusing on their dog and getting ready to show .

  • Stay back away from the ring entrance. It is very difficult for exhibitors to get in and out of the rings when spectators are in the way of the entrance. If there are large entries, the exhibitors need plenty of room to gather to be ready to enter and exit the rings.

  • Do not lean over the rings or talk with exhibitors when they are in the ring showing.

  • Turn off your cell phone. It is a distraction to the dogs and handlers.

  • Keep children under control at all times. Do not allow them to run up to dogs or stick their fingers and hands into crates or exercise pens. Strollers are not permitted as this places unfamiliar child and dog faces at the same level and there are a lot of tails that could be run over as well. Again, always ask before allowing your child to pet a dog.

  • Be careful where you step so you don't step on feet, noses or tails!

  • Do not bring food close to ringside. Despite the fact that these dogs are all well trained, it is not fair to the exhibitors if you are eating close to the ring, especially for the obedience exhibitors - it is still a distraction to their dogs.

  • You are not allowed to bring your pets to the dogs show - you will be asked to leave if you do so.

  • Enjoy the Show!