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Lancaster Kennel Club participated in the 192nd
Fourth of July celebration in Lititz.

We transformed a 48' flatbed trailer into a float. And according to the feedback from the crowd at the parade - estimated at 9,00-10,000 people - it was a complete success.

We owe a huge thank you to so many.  Here are some of them that donated time, equipment, and materials to make this possible.

Rob Manion -

Gerhart Machine

Patrick Eckert

Maryanne and Robert Eckert

Don Vack

Keystone Trailers Inc.

The Barking Lamb

Oehme Carrier Corp. with special thanks to Erick for driving his beautifully restored 1975 Mack

Bombergers Store

D L Eckert, Art Restorations, Lancaster, PA

Eckert's Garage, Lancaster, PA

Dog House Hosting


And everyone that pitched in to help!




Here's how it went ...


Take one large trailer: Trailer

Do some planning: Planning

Add some of this: Pile1

And a lot of that: Pile2

Get some unwanted help: Unwanted Help


And end up with ... Click here to see what happened