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Lancaster Kennel Club's Tops



Every year since 1946, Lancaster Kennel Club has hosted an annual all breed dog show. Here are the names of the Club Presidents along with the Best In Show winner and the breed.

Year President Best in Show Winner Breed
1946 George H. Hartman Ch. Trucote Surprise Wire Haired Fox Terrier
1947 John Jeffries Ch. Twin Ponds Belle Welsh Terrier
1948 John Jeffries Ch. Flornell Vogue Welsh Terrier
1949 Paul M Hess Cr Christie's Barrier Doberman Pinscher
1950 Paul M Hess Ch. Kippy v. Dachshafen Smooth Haired Dachshund
1951 Dr. Herman W Rannels Ch. Garden City's Sleepy Mouse Whippet
1952 Dr. Herman W Rannels Ch. Bangaway of Sirrah Crest Boxer
1953 Wilbur Amand Ch. Springbank Ace of Giralda English Cocker Spanial
1954 William W Wimer III Ch. Springbank Ace of Giralda English Cocker Spanial
1955 Jack C Cooke Ch. Blakeen van Aseltine Miniature Poodle
1956 William E. Henry Ch. Lucifer of Giralda Bloodhound
1957 Russel H. Stauffer Ch. Yorkhills Circus Clown Golden Retriever
1958 Russel H. Stauffer Fonclair Festoon Miniature Poodle
1959 Leland Schick Ch. Skidby's Sturdy Tyke English Setter
1960 Leland Schick Covington Free Lance Reporter English Springer Spaniel
1961 Norman Crill M.D. Pandee's Red Sing Chow Chow
1962 Virginia Prescott Ch. Armor Von Meistersinger Great Dane
1963 Leland Schick Ch. Rudel's Firefly Greyhound
1964 Leland Schick Ch. Gretchen's Khan of Mountdania Great Dane
1965 Leland Schick Ch. Chatham's Mitzie Standard Manchester Terrier
1966 Herman Prescott Ch. Kham of Norbulingka Lhasa Apso
1967 Herman Prescott Ch. Alikai Marlaine Standard Poodle
1968 Amos Kauffman Reggen's Madas-l of Marydane Great Dane
1969 Joseph Walker Ch. Round table Loramar Yeoman Miniature Poodle
1970 Joseph Walker Ch. Wildweir SandwiCh. Man Yorkshire Terrier
1971 Gladys Ream Lakeside's Gilligan's Island German Shepherd
1972 John W Gass Ch. Red Head Peeple's Toy Poodle
1973 John W Gass Ch. Andelane's Indigio Rock Doberman Pinscher
1974 Mr Harry Johnston Ch. Sunnybrook Spot On Wirehaired Fox Terrier
1975 Carl Hess Ch. Taunee's Loki Santana Vizsla
1976 Carl Hess Ch. Colegren Sonnet of Briarwood 13" Beagle
1977 John Reigle Post Scripts Crowdpleaser Pomeranian
1978 Sandra J Winters Ch. High Flyer's Top Star Welsh Terrier
1979 James Reisinger Ch. The Rectory's Micah Bloodhound
1980 Carl Hess Ch. Trumpton's Lord Brady Norwich Terrier
1981 Ethel J Hillard not available not available
1982 Ethel J Hillard Ch. Beaucrest Ruffian Bouviers Des Flandres
1983 H Michael Crumay Ch. Bandog's Crawdaddy Gumbo Bullmastiff
1984 Gail Hillard Ch. Mister Stewart's Cheshire Winslow English Foxhound
1985 Dr. Earl E Acker Season's Autum of PouCh. Cove Newfoundland
1986 Dr. Earl E Acker Ch. Galsul Excellence Wirehaired Fox Terrier
1987 Mary Bard not available not available
1988 Mary Bard DK/AMCh. , VV89 Scheel's First Edition R.O.M Basset Hound
1989 Ethel Hillard Ch. Luftnase Albelarm Bee's Knees Pointer
1990 Cathie Carl Ch. Triumph of Grandeur Afghan Hound
1991 Mary Bard Ch. Salilyn's Condor English Springer Spaniel
1992 Mary Bard Ch. Surrey Sweet Capsicum Miniature Poodle
1993 Keith Shope Ch. Chidley Willum the Conqueror Norwich Terrier
1994 Keith Shope Ch. Chidley Willum the Conqueror Norwich Terrier
1995 Bill Matangos Ch. Starbarrack Malachite SW Wirehaired Dachshund
1996 Bill Matangos Ch. Blucrest Bound for Reveille Basenji
1997 Keith Shope Ch. Telstar's Icon Doberman Pinscher
1998 Keith Shope Ch. Windwalker's Leroy Brown German Shepherd
1999 Dr. Earl E Acker Ch. Tahkira Hell Raiser Afghan Hound
2000 Dr. Earl E Acker Ch. Wurdig's Re Flyer MW Wirehaired Dachshund
2001 Gail Hillard Ch. Maximilian Fionnmae Irish Wolfhound
2002 Dr. Earl E Acker Ch. Set'r Ridge Wyndswept In Gold English Setter
2003 Mark A Bair Ch Greenfield’s Celtic Legend Airedale Terrier
2004 Barry Brunner Ch. Yakee If Only Pekingese
2005 Tammy Selka Ch. Seeonee's Point Blank Siberian Husky
2006 Tammy Selka not available not available
2007 Dr. Earl E Acker Ch. Smash JP Win a Victory Toy Poodle
2008 Dr. Earl E Acker Ch. Kiarry's Refelction of the Sun American Foxhound
2009 Bernard Ferry Not Available Not Available
2010 Bernard Ferry Ch Fireside Spontaneous Combustion Wirehaired Pointing Griffon
2011 Gail Hillard Ch Spotlights Ruffian Dalmation
2012 Barry Brunner Not Available Not Available
2013 Barry Brunner Not Available Not Available
2014 Ann Byrne GCH McVan's to Russia With Love Scottish Terrier
2015 Ann Byrne GCH Imperious Hamitup Southern Bell Bulldog
2016 Ann Byrne GCH Tibercio Da Maya Standard Poodle
2017 Ann Byrne GCH Yarrow Hi Tech Drills N Skills Affenpinschers
2018 Ann Byrne CH Pequest Feel The Burn Pekingnese
2019 Ann Byrne GCHG Hillock's Jack Daniels JH RA RATN WCX CGC VC Golden Retriever