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Lancsaster Kennel Club's First Fifty



The Lancaster Kennel Club, Inc., was founded August 20, 1945 by a group of Central Pennsylvania dog fanciers. Listed here are the first fifty distinguished members who worked hard to create a Kennel Club that has flourished for over 60 years.



George H. Hartman

A.C. Ayers

Mrs. Bernice Ayers

Mr. Wilbur Amand

Mrs. Wilbur Amand

T. M. Bennett

Mrs. T. La Fean Bennett

Elizabeth Bitzer

Omar Boyer

Warren E. Broome

Norman Bucher

Mrs. Norman Bucher

Josephine Consedine

Mrs. Madelon Cooke

Richard A. Dommel

Virginia Dannell

Mrs. Wm. Douglas

Arthur N. Egolf

Mrs. Arthur Egolf

Mr. Wm. Franklin

Roy L. Gable

Gloria Gram

Phyliss Hamilton

William E. Henry

Mrs. Ruth E. Henry

John G. Herr

Mr. Paul Hess

Mrs. Paul Hess

Mrs. Sandford Horton

Mr. Sandford Horton

J. R. Jeffries

Amos Kauffman

Anna Mary Kauffman

Jacqueline Kauffman

Clayton Keller

Richard Lightner

Richard McCreary

Emily Mesner

Jacob Musser

Dr. Herman W Rannels

Mrs. Howard Sellers

S. B. Sheetz

Mrs. Helen K. Sheetz

Paul Siegler

Dr. Anthony Spinelli

Mrs. A. A. Spinelli

Robert Stamm

Mrs. Robert Stamm

Mr. Francis J. Stegner

Stan Todd